Personal Experience - My Life As A Call Girl In Mumbai

Personal Experience - My Life As A Call Girl In Mumbai

Call girls are often considered a bad word in the dictionary. While it is a legalized business in foreign countries, Indian still feel that the majority of escorts and call girls are from the backward class doing it to earn a livelihood. Well, the truth is very different.

I am a call girl in Mumbai and I have slept with dozens of clients, irrespective of genders to be honest. And I have a lot to share with you. This is not a revelation or something; it is what I believe and what I observe. Also, if anyone wants to join the Mumbai Escorts Agency, I would guide you the right way because I am going to tell you my life as a call girl in Mumbai.

1. Taking protection and work at will

People who say, "Tawaif Ki Lutti Hui Ijjat Bachahna Bekar hai" were completely wrong. And who the fuck writes such dialogues. Even they have the right to say no and stop the sessions. As an escort, we manage many clients, sometimes, three different clients in a single day. So we take proper care of hygiene and use protection.

Also, nobody forces us to be with them if we don't like them. Wanna tell you the scene that actually happened to me. Once I was booked by a couple for their threesome. We ate dinner, and went to the room, we were naked and fondling each other. I felt that the couple was using rough hands on me and I didn't like that so I called the session off.

They apologized. And then we did vanilla sex with kissing and gentle pressing only.

2. No Sob Story, It Was Hesitation At First

People judge quickly, they find women with no livelihood are forced to join the call girl agencies and they never liked it. This is not true or at least this is not my story. After my breakup, I was very upset and one day I decided to be on Tinder.

I don't want the series of dates to go to bed and no matter how people describe tinder, all the boys I met on tinder are soft and innocent looking for tender love, companionship, or even platonic love. If I make the move, they assume I am a bitch. Even when I don't care what they think of me… I felt like I was kind of forcing them to be with me and have sex with me.

A little later, I found out about the blooming escort agencies. You know what the good thing about it was. They say you can have money too with the sex. I don't think there's any job so decent like this. And yes, I think I am a nymphomaniac.

This is not a problem, as most of the girls I met as an escort who have joined the escorts have the same reasons. Not the breakup part but the part where you feel tinder is not as good as an escort agency and also the money is a big motivation.

There was a hesitation at first because it was the first time. And if we are not talking about sex then it was the first time when I was getting paid for the sex.

3. Too Many Love Stories

What is very disturbing is that we end up creating too many love stories. While people have the delusion that the rich never calls for sex, especially the call girls but this is not true. They often demand the escorts and are ready to give an extra dollar to clear the schedule of the escort as well.

If you think that the spark is one-sided then you are wrong. Sometimes, we Mumbai escorts also feel overwhelmed with their stories and reality checks. Those moments, we also want to kiss them passionately and hug them with the feelings that you have given me all your life. Sadly, we can't get emotionally attached to our clients in any way.

We are also restricted to make long-term relationships with the clients and oh boy, we get the offers almost every day. For instance, a couple wanted to form a trouple with me, a girl wanted to shelter me and took care of me all her life as her extramarital affair, usually, boys are douchebags and believe me you should never trust them.

4. Exotic Model-like life and Luxury

If you think call girls are poor then think again. Because Mumbai calls girls a luxury and people can only have them if they have a fat wallet. And don't you dare point out if we sleep at night with a rich brat because other ladies (gold-diggers) end up marrying that rich fat wallet.

Just to make this clear to you, we charge up to Lakhs rupees for our sessions, and if you maintain yourself with figure and sensation then you can earn millions at the end of the day. A single day. We live our lives like an exotic model full of luxury. Sometimes, it is our living standard due to which we disgust the idea of leaving the escort agency all our life.  

5. Settling Is A Choice

You must understand that marriage is not only the sex guaranteed every day because you can easily have the sex part of the marriage by joining a call girl agency. Marriage, settling down is a choice that is totally on the girl and what she wants. If she needs a regular companion who respects her and is with her then she should settle. Otherwise, you can continue helping the already screwed people by giving those bits of heaven in the bed.

If you want to join the escorts's agency in Mumbai then contact the website that looks honest to you. Remember that showing blogs and tons of content doesn't add even the little dash of authenticity in the escort websites. 

Everything will go with the flow. Just step into the storm only if you want to be in the storm because this storm will definitely give you the thrill, and literally scoop away your clothes.